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About Elis

A true artist, a true performer, and with interest building from all sides of the globe, we are confident she will be the first contemporary Czech Republic artist to break through internationally.


Elis Mraz has the ability to bring her songs to life with her incredible soulful vocals and exceptional delivery with her live performances.

Her writing skills are evident in the collaborations on her forthcoming album for NEMOROS, including writing and recording trips to Los Angeles and London working with Soulshock and Carlin, and the award winning UK writer Nigel Lowis to name just two.

While working on her first album release throughout 2018 and early 2019, it has been preceded by a guest vocal performance on a track entitled ‘PRAISE ME’ which is currently on rotation nationally in the UK on specialist soul stations, produced by Nigel Lowis.

Early in her career, she achieved the semi-finals of TV NOVA Voice of the Czech Republic and became the summer face of the COCA-COLA advertising campaign – Say it through Song. She won the Czech Nightingale MATTONI 2014 award in the Discovery of the Year category.

Veronika Matysová 
+420 310 941
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